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    Manage Scripts causes FM to close



      Manage Scripts causes FM to close


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      XP SP3

      Description of the issue

      After recent upgrade of Adobe Reader 10X, a host of issues seem to exist.  The most severe is a FM shutdown every time I try to manage scripts.  What started as every 5'th or 6'th time, it is now a shutdown every attempt.  The other major issue is FM won't launch if Outlook, AdobeReader or IE are open, similarly, if FM is open, outlook or IE won't.  Any suggestions?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Launch FM, Select manage scripts-

      Open Outlook/IE/AdobeReader; attempt to open FM
      Open FM; attempt to open Outlook/IE/AdobeReader

      Expected result

      To be able to create scripts and operate with multiple programs such as OUtlook and Internet Explorer active.

      Actual result

      FM Shutdown (issue A)

      Program lockout (issue B)

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear




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          Thanks for posting!

          I currently have Adobe Reader X installed and am unable to reproduce this behavior with FileMaker Pro 10v3 on Windows XP. I opened a new file and opened and closed the Manage Scripts window 10-15 times without a crash. I also had Internet Explorer 8, Adobe Reader and Microsoft Outlook 2003 open at the same time. What version of IE and Outlook are you using? Is this reproducible on a different computer? Does this still occur if you uninstall Adobe Reader X?

          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            All of these operations, Manage Scripts, Launching FileMaker when another App is open require FileMaker to open a window. I've seen an reported a situation here with FileMaker 10 where FileMaker seems to corrupt Windows XP's ability to correctly open windows. (The window could be a dialog box in fileMaker or a window from another application.) Sometimes the window just won't open. Sometimes FileMaker quits unexpectedly, and sometimes a dialog box opens, but does not display all the contents correctly.

            In my case, I was able to correct the issue by uninstalling FileMaker and then reinstalling--then running the updater to get it updated to 10v3.

            Don't know for sure if that's what you are dealing with here, but you might try re-installing to see if that fixes the problem.

            I haven't encountered this issue since upgrading to FileMaker 11.

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              Thanks for such a quick reply.  I removed the reader10x prior to reading your response and that seems to have brought me back to normal ops.  I'll keep the idea of reinstalling 10 w/ upgrades if the problems reoccur.  In the meantime, gives me a good argument to upgrade to FM11, hey, gotta stay current, right?  Best regards, John