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    maverick causes web viewer to display improperly



      maverick causes web viewer to display improperly


      FileMaker Pro


      11v3 and 13v3

      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      web viewer worked fine until i upgraded to Maverick, then it appears that it is using proportional fonts in the web viewer and that is screwing up the charts that are being displayed.  It messes up the same way in Safari.  So, this is probably not just a FMP issue.

      Hoping that it was a buried incompatibility in FMP11 that was fixed in FMP 13, I upgraded to FMP13adv v13.3, and the problem persists.  Same charts still work great on the Windows 7 machine running FMP11adv.

      HELP!! I need this to run right now. 

      I've tried unselecting the automatically encode URL and it doesn't change the output.

      The problem is that is it a chart built by the website with spaces and characters and it needs to be non-proportional font to format correctly.  How can I force this?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      You will need a log in to www.dorseywright.com - they offer a free 30 day trial.

      when you get to the welcome page, put in SPX in the blank box in the row of buttons across the top just to the left of the CHART button.

      The click CHART.

      when it displays (it will look okay),
      then go the the left margin, there is a box next to SMARTCHART, put 10 in the box and hit SMARTCHART, then you'll see the non-proportional font mess-up.

      >>New Information:
      I guess in OS X 10.8 they removed the font selection from safaris preferences panel however you can still set these and by setting the fixed font preference to Monica and I'll include the commands below then I was able to get Safari to display these charts correctly.

      So my question is now how do I set these defaults within FileMaker Pro so that it will render these charts correctly?

      In Terminal:

      defaults write com.apple.Safari comp.apple.Safari.ContentPageGroupIdentifier.WebKit2FixedFontFamily Monaco

      defaults write com.apple.Safari com.apple.Safari.ContentPageGroupIdentifier.WebKit2DefaultFixedFontSize 11

      What are the defaults keys to use to (hopefully they exist) to cause the correct behavior in the FMP webviewer.

      Or, alternatively, what is the latest version of FMPadvanced that will run on MacOS 10.7?  I can roll back my OS and return my FMP upgrade (and forego planned upgrades of the rest of my team) if this is a problem that won't be solved.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


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               Thank you for your post.

               FileMaker's Web Viewer is not a browser.  It makes calls to the operating system web kit to render web pages.  For Windows, the web kit is modeled after Microsoft Internet Explorer, and for Mac OS X, the web kit is modeled after Apple Safari.  Since the issue also occurs with Safari, there isn't much FileMaker can do.  I suggest contacting www.dorseywright.com to see if they have a solution for users with Safari browsers.

               FileMaker, Inc.


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                 I may have added the new information in the wrong place (by editing my original post).

                 The problem is fixed in Safari by setting the fixed font parameter using the defaults system (see exact commands above).

                 Where can I find if there are similar default keys settable for FMP?  If they do not exist, then what is the latest version of FMP that runs on 10.7 since I'll have to roll back to that for our team until it is either fixed or we have determined a migration strategy away from FMP.


                 Thank you for your prompt reply.

                 Alex Shore

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                   I have sent your comments and findings to our Development and Testing departments for review.  When I receive feedback, I will let you know.

                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Thank you. 

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                       Testing does not know of a way to change the defaults in the Mac OS X Webkit, and they have sent the request to Development.

                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         I'm guessing that there is a com.filemaker.something preference (defaults) that can control this.


                         On to getting this back in production:

                         1) what is the latest version of FMP that runs on 10.7

                         2) is there an extension to FMP that would force monospaced font usage in the web viewer?

                         I can't believe I'm saying this after having been a Mac developer back in the 80's and 90's - but Windows actually does a better job at this point.  Wonders never cease.

                         Thank you for all your help and I anxiously look forward to a fix or workaround.

                         Thank you,


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                           Development says they are only making calls to webkit, so you'll have to talk with Apple to see if this is possible and supported, and if so, write the defaults to the appropriate settings file.  This is not the same as writing the defaults to com.apple.Safari.

                           FileMaker Pro 13.0v3 runs on Mac OS X 10.7.

                           FileMaker, Inc.

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                             Yes, thank you.

                              Yes, I understand that the prefences update would be to use either the webkit domain or, preferrably, use a filemaker12 domain, so that the porefences apply just to the fmp webkit calls.

                             If they followed convention, would look something like:

                             defaults write com.filemaker.filemaker12 com.filemaker.filemaker12.<the filemaker pref key group identifier>.WebKit2FixedFontFamily Monaco

                             defaults write com.filemaker.filemaker12 com.filemaker.filemaker12.<the filemaker pref key group identifier>.WebKit2DefaultFixedFontSize 11

                             Can you ask Development if this was implemented and if not, please point me in the right direction for who to ask at Apple how to get the right defaults keys to set it there.


                             thank you,



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                               There are no FileMaker preferences created for webkit.  We are simply calling webkit and let webkit display the pages.  At this time, there are no plans to intercept and interpret the webkit results, make the modifications, and then display. You should contact Apple and see if modifications can be made to webkit.

                               FileMaker, Inc.

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                            Thank you for asking about that.  Actually, it would not be a case of intercepting the webkit results....  Since it is a derivative of NextStep, it is object oriented in the sense that the capabilities are inherited by the calling application.  So, by setting preferences in the domain of the calling application, WebKit will apply those changes to that application (i.e. like Filemaker Pro) and a different set of preferences to a different application, like Safari.  There's no code changes in FMP, FMP has a set of defaults that are identified by its bundle name and certain key words (the keys), these are used by the "defaults" command to set up an application specific set of settings for WebKit.

                            This is why I can fix Safari by setting the preferences through the defaults command but it doesn't fix FMP because Webkit is keeping a separate set of settings it uses for any other applications (FMP) that call it.  

                            I'll play around with the key for FMP12 that may flow through to webkit; if no luck, perhaps I'll use that extra partition I put on this laptop when I bought it to run a 10.7 boot and run FMP13adv from there.

                            Thank you again for your replies and information.  I hope someone in development reaches out to you with a list of the bundle names and setting keywords "keys" that webkit uses.  I think that with that information, I can use the defaults command to fix webkit the same way I used the defaults command with the Safari bundle name and the Safari keys to fix Safari.

                            It's been a while since I read up on this, but I think this is the way webkit was implemented and it is consistent with my experiments.


                            Once again, thank you for all your efforts on our behalf!  



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                              Well, another Alex (actually Alexey Proskuryakov - those Alex's are smart!) provided the solution!


                              There is an identifier or "key" for webkit, but I was assuming that FMP13Adv used Webkit 2, instead it uses legacy webkit, therefore the identifiers are:  

                              WebKitFixedFont and WebKitDefaultFixedFontSize

                              So, to fix post 10.7.5 running FMP12 or 13 run these commands prior to starting FMP:

                               defaults write com.filemaker.client.advanced12 WebKitFixedFont Monaco
                               defaults write com.filemaker.client.advanced12 WebKitDefaultFixedFontSize 11

                              To fix FMP11 running on something later than 10.7.5:

                              defaults write com.filemaker.client.advanced WebKitFixedFont Monaco
                              defaults write com.filemaker.client.advanced WebKitDefaultFixedFontSize 11

                              I think the developers should consider installing a setting that is part of a solution preference set (like what layout to open on startup, what script to run at startup and close) so that as it is deployed across an enterprise, every client machine doesn't need to have someone run these commands. Solution developers could run the "read" version of defaults, check that these are set properly on a machine running MacOS later than 10.7.5 and run a shell script and relaunch FMP if they need to be set.

                              Having a solution level preference to use fixed width fond (specify): Monaco and fixedwidthfont size (specify) 11 would be awesome.  

                              Thank you for your help, TSGal