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maverick causes web viewer to display improperly

Question asked by ashore_1 on Aug 26, 2014
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maverick causes web viewer to display improperly


FileMaker Pro


11v3 and 13v3

Operating system version


Description of the issue

web viewer worked fine until i upgraded to Maverick, then it appears that it is using proportional fonts in the web viewer and that is screwing up the charts that are being displayed.  It messes up the same way in Safari.  So, this is probably not just a FMP issue.

Hoping that it was a buried incompatibility in FMP11 that was fixed in FMP 13, I upgraded to FMP13adv v13.3, and the problem persists.  Same charts still work great on the Windows 7 machine running FMP11adv.

HELP!! I need this to run right now. 

I've tried unselecting the automatically encode URL and it doesn't change the output.

The problem is that is it a chart built by the website with spaces and characters and it needs to be non-proportional font to format correctly.  How can I force this?

Steps to reproduce the problem

You will need a log in to - they offer a free 30 day trial.

when you get to the welcome page, put in SPX in the blank box in the row of buttons across the top just to the left of the CHART button.

The click CHART.

when it displays (it will look okay),
then go the the left margin, there is a box next to SMARTCHART, put 10 in the box and hit SMARTCHART, then you'll see the non-proportional font mess-up.

>>New Information:
I guess in OS X 10.8 they removed the font selection from safaris preferences panel however you can still set these and by setting the fixed font preference to Monica and I'll include the commands below then I was able to get Safari to display these charts correctly.

So my question is now how do I set these defaults within FileMaker Pro so that it will render these charts correctly?

In Terminal:

defaults write Monaco

defaults write 11

What are the defaults keys to use to (hopefully they exist) to cause the correct behavior in the FMP webviewer.

Or, alternatively, what is the latest version of FMPadvanced that will run on MacOS 10.7?  I can roll back my OS and return my FMP upgrade (and forego planned upgrades of the rest of my team) if this is a problem that won't be solved.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear