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Memory Leak in SQL API

Question asked by StephenGBaker on Jun 14, 2010
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Memory Leak in SQL API

Description of the issue

FileMaker Pro Version: 11.0v1Running on 10.5.8, have not tested on windows at this stage. When running SQL queries via the SQL plugin API there is a memory leak when certain queries are run. When running a simple query repeatedly for 100 iterations the leak is 6.7Mb.This result was achieved using the MMQuery plugin from CNS plugins but the leaks were first seen using the Reactor plugin, which was polling FileMaker for updated records. The following query was used to produce the leak.SELECT rowid, "bookings"."zmodid" FROM "bookings" WHERE  ("bookings"."bookingdate" = DATE '2010-06-10' )  interestingly removing the () from this query stopped the leaks ieSELECT rowid, "bookings"."zmodid" FROM "bookings" WHERE  "bookings"."bookingdate" = DATE '2010-06-10'  BUT this is not a work around as the example is a simple query, and most times the queries are much more complicated and leak memory even faster.This leak was tested with OSX Leopards  Instruments developer tool, and confirmed to be in the SQL parser. One of our clients is having difficulties with their Reactor calendar implementation in their solution due to this leak. I have a sample database and can produce Instruments traces if these would be of any help. Regards Stephen