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Merge field bug in FileMaker Pro 10

Question asked by scottworld on Sep 16, 2009
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Merge field bug in FileMaker Pro 10

Description of the issue

This is a new bug that has cropped up in FileMaker Pro 10 for Mac and FileMaker Advanced 10 for Mac. It doesn't make a difference which version of Mac OS X you are running. This bug was NOT present in FileMaker Pro 9. It is messing up a bunch of our report layouts that used to work fine in FileMaker 9, so we would love to see this fixed ASAP!! Use the text tool to place a merge field on a layout, and make sure that the merge is a DATE FIELD. Highlight your merge field using the text tool, and underline it. Your underlined date field shows up just fine in both browse mode and preview mode. Now, go back to layout mode. Start typing some words BEFORE the merge field -- but still keep those words within the same "text box" as the date merge field. Make sure that the word you typed is NOT underlined, but LEAVE THE DATE FIELD UNDERLINED. Everything looks okay in browse mode, but when you go into preview mode, NOTHING IS UNDERLINED AT ALL. Same thing happens if you put a carriage return in between your word and the date field in merge field. If you just want the date field to be underlined but your word to NOT be underlined, it doesn't work in preview mode. It looks okay in browse mode, but NOT in preview mode. (This is really throwing off a whole bunch of our reports, since we have column headers at the top our page which are all underlined date fields, with words on the carriage-returned-line above them that are NOT underlined.)  Thanks,Scott