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Merge Field repeats contents in Text Box

Question asked by mnmis on Jun 9, 2009
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Merge Field repeats contents in Text Box

Description of the issue

I've been using FM 8 and I just downloaded 10 to see if this bug was fixed - it doesn't look like it. I have text inserted using checkboxes. If I even uncheck a box and recheck it, the text is often added to the text box twice. So, the only way I can fix this is to uncheck the box - which means that the page on which the checkbox appears is incorrect. Another issue is that the text w/merge fields are not WYSIWG - so the spacing is difficult to manage. I constantly find myself readjusting the layouts. Overall, I find the text functions in FM slow and clunky, at best, and the merge field functions, while brillliantly conceived, difficult to work with.