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Merge Fields Not Working

Question asked by joeyb on Feb 24, 2009
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Merge Fields Not Working

Description of the issue

Now, this is one of the weirdest problems I have had with FM. I have a Communications table that is linked to a Contacts table. The Communications layout contains related calling notes, etc. for individual contacts. In the Communications/Contacts layout that shows me all of the communications records for a particular contact, I have clear access to viewing each of the communications field. Here's where things get weird: when I try to create a merge field for a field for a field in that table, the data does not appear; all I will see, for example, is the representation of the merge field, such as . I haven't been able to replicate this problem for any other table or relationship in my database and, in fact, if I use the same table and create a whole new relationship that is identical to the relationship that doesn't work, the problem disappears. And what's also peculiar is that the merge field issue exists for fields that are actually from that Communications table. I suppose I could spend numerous hours rebuilding relationships and related scripts, but I'd prefer to get some understanding of what possible issues could be impacting my existing relationships to my Communications table. Has anyone ever experienced similar merge field problems and, if so, what is wrong? By the way, I have FileMaker on multiple computers and even if I open a copy of my file on different computers, the problem persists. Please help.