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Microsoft Paint program not working on container object

Question asked by wildcat on Apr 6, 2011
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Microsoft Paint program not working on container object


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Window 7 64 Bit

Description of the issue

We use containers to hold maps created in Microsoft paint that are in Bitmap format.  We edit the maps in the databse by adding text to them.  When we open the maps in paint (double click on the map in the container), the text function does not work properly.  It displays the text box for a fraction of a second before it disappears.  If you double click on the map for 8-10 times a text box will eventially appear.

Steps to reproduce the problem

If we open the map in paint and then save it to the desktop, the text function works perfectly.  We have worked several days with Microsoft and they say since is works fine outside of filemaker, it is a filemaker problem in the way the files are stored and not a paint problem.
I can take the same database and use it in a windows XP Filemaker 9 setup and the text function on the maps works fine.
When you look at the properties of the map there is no storage location displayed since it is stored within the database.
To initially set this up we opened the maps in paint, selected all and copied, then we pasted them as a metafile into the database container.