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Middle Returns Garbage Result

Question asked by on Nov 4, 2009
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Middle Returns Garbage Result

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involved:FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3, no other version tested  Operating System(s) involved:Mac OS X 10.5.8, no other operating system testedDetailed description of the issue:  In producing a suite of custom functions, I stumbled across what I believe is a bug. In one of my functions, I used a statement similar to this one: Middle ($$textVariable; $$startLocation; 32) The global variable textVariable was a properly defined variable containing a 64 character string. The global variable startLocation was a properly defined variable containing a number. Although the syntax is correct, I made an error in that statement. The error? startLocation was not a position indicator for textVariable. It was a position indicator for a much larger text variable (33 344 characters long). For such a coding error, I had assumed Middle would return an empty value because startLocation was out of textVariable's bounds. Instead, it returned a string that coincidentally contained the same character range I was expecting in the first place (only 0s and 1s). I am a seasoned programmer. Because of my assumption, it took me a while to figure out my mistake. Once I figured it out, I asked myself if FileMaker Pro's behaviour in this case was indicative of a bug. Evidently, Middle does not perform any string bounds checking on variables. Imagine if FileMaker's target audience, the non programmer, were to make a similar error. This is a scenario I find very plausible. That is why I am reporting this issue. I hope this is worth something.   Expected Result: If startLocation is not within textVariable, I expect Middle to return a blank value.  Actual Result:I got a string of the requested length containing garbage characters in the expected range (0s and 1s). I suspect I got characters from another defined variable (perhaps the one with 33 344 characters).  Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared:N/A Any additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issue:N/A Any workarounds that you have found:Avoid making a mistake in the first place. This bug is no show-stopper. However, it sure is a time waster during debugging.