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    MiddleWords function - unexpected results



      MiddleWords function - unexpected results


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      MiddleWords function - unexpected results parsing string - i.e. truncating second word

      Steps to reproduce the problem


      MiddleWords (string, 2, 1)


      however this string works:



      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      no error

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               Curious: I can reproduce this in Windows 7 in both FileMaker 11 and 12

               More Curious: If I edit the second expression by typing--not pasting to change the 1st word to match your original example, it also fails.

               Even More Curious, If I change the first letter to anything but A or a, it then works. I can even insert a different character in front of the a and it then works.

               And stranger yet: If I change the first word to just "a", it works. If I add one more letter, such as making it "ag", it fails.

               Changing the character that serves as a word separator has no effect.

               As a work around, you might append a space character to the beginning of the string as this will not change the Word counts or word positions but will avoid this bug.

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                 Most excellent find! thanks! I did a string "count" test - check this out:

                                1/ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn                     ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn
                                12/ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn                     ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se
                                123/ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn                     ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn
                                1234/ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn                     ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn
                                12345/ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn                     ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K
                                123456/ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn                     ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn
                                1234567/ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn                     ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni
                                12345678/ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn                     ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn
                                123456789/ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn                     ICPMets.Al.Sb.As.Ba.Be.Cd.Ca.Cr.Co.Cu.Fe.Pb.Mg.Mn.Hg.Ni.K.Se.Ag.Na.Tl.V.Zn


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              Timothy Schaper:

                   Thank you for the post.


                   I am able to reproduce this behavior in FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Pro 12 installed on either Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.8.4. I forwarded a full report to Testing and Development for review.  



                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     This report has been linked to an entry in the Known Bugs List. Any comments, questions, corrections about the info in that list should be posted here or in a new thread, not in the Known Bugs List thread.