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    Migrating from FileMaker Pro5 to FileMaker Pro12



      Migrating from FileMaker Pro5 to FileMaker Pro12


      FileMaker Pro


      FileMaker Pro12

      Operating system version

      OS X Version 10.8.2

      Description of the issue

      I have a small parish data base on "Filemaker Pro 5" for a long time. Recently I purchase the new version Pro 12 and translated the file "Pro 5" to the newest version,

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      however, the formula to calculate the birthdays within a week is not responding.

      Expected result

      Layout"19:   Calculation result: Number

      Layout: BirthdayNamesWeekOfBulletin
      Calculation result: text
      with the formula:

      If(WeekOfYear(Mr. YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          MR.&"("&GetAsText(Mr. YEAR BIRTH)&")";"") & "  " &
      If(WeekOfYear(MRS. YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          MRS.&"("&GetAsText(MRS. YEAR BIRTH)&")";"") & "  " &
      If(WeekOfYear(ON A YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          ON A&"("&GetAsText(ON A YEAR BIRTH)&")";"") & "  " &
      If(WeekOfYear(ON B YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          ON B&"("&GetAsText(ON B YEAR BIRTH)&")";"") & "  " &
      If(WeekOfYear(ON C YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          ON C&"("&GetAsText(ON C YEAR BIRTH)&")";"") & "  " &
      If(WeekOfYear(ON E YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          ON E&"("&GetAsText(ON E YEAR BIRTH)&")";"") & "  " &
      If(WeekOfYear(ON F YERA BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          ON F&"("&GetAsText(ON F YERA BIRTH)&")";"") & "  " &
      If(WeekOfYear(ON G YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          ON G&"("&GetAsText(ON G YEAR BIRTH)&")";"") & "  " &
      If(WeekOfYear(ON H YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          ON H&"("&GetAsText(ON H YEAR BIRTH)&")";"") & "  " &
      If(WeekOfYear(ADULT YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          ADULT&"("&GetAsText(ADULT YEAR BIRTH)&")";"") & "  " &
      If(WeekOfYear(ADULT 2 YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
          ADULT 2&"("&GetAsText(ADULT 2 YEAR BIRTH)&")";"") & "  "

      Actual result

      This formula works fine with FileMaker Pro 5

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      With this formula I am able to find the birthdays within week of any giving date.


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               Note: there are much simpler ways to get the same results. Some of those methods however, would require a significant design change for your database.

               Try testing this calculation in a brand new file. See if in a "new build" file you get the same problem. If it works in a new file, try recovering your file to see if the recovered file works.

               Try testing just a small piece of it. Does

               If(WeekOfYear(Mr. YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
                   MR.&"("&GetAsText(Mr. YEAR BIRTH)&")";"")

               Produce the expected result for that part of your calculation?

               Are any of the referenced fields calculation fields? The conversion process can add GetAsNumber and GetAsText function calls that were not present in the original file. Try removing them to see if makes a difference in the result. The above expression, for example, should still work if rewritten as:

               If(WeekOfYear(Mr. YEAR BIRTH) = WeekOfYear(BulletinDate);
                   MR. & "(" & Mr. YEAR BIRTH & ")" ; "")