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Misc FM 10 Status Bar Bugs

Question asked by ssmith_1 on Jan 5, 2009
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Misc FM 10 Status Bar Bugs

Description of the issue

Windows XP (SP2), FMPA 10 1) Using the reset button to reset the status toolbar leaves a black section on the bottom half of the records slider, book and piechart.  (I'd provide a screenshot, but there doesn't seem to be a place to do that here without owning a url.) 2) Clicking on the layout menu on the layout bar section of the status toolbar doesn't do anything until releasing that button.  Defies standard interface behavior for such objects. 3) When customizing status bar, you cannot add or remove the  'Records' object in browse mode (the object with the slider, book and pie chart).  It just doesn't do anything.  You can however manipulate this by making the window smaller that the width of the status bar and the clicking the thin button at the very right of the status bar to uncheck (or recheck) the Records object. 4) There's no way to detach or completely turn off the layout bar, as these buttons should never be used by custom solution users.  Grayed out, unusable buttons (with tooltips, no less, to tell the end user what they are missing) are confusing and depressing for end users who are not given full control.  Same goes for all the buttons in the status area.  Poorly, POORLY, POOOORRRRLLLLYYYY designed. 5) Changing button size on Mac doesn't do anything.  Windows doesn't even allow resizing of buttons.  6) Status bar is waaayyyy too high proportionate to its width.  Much too top-heavy for the window.   Not resizable.  Gray color would have been good on Windows platform 3-5 years ago; might have been good on Mac about 10 years ago.  This is modernization?  What about custom colors and skins?!?!?! The FM10 product home page makes a big deal about interface modernization.  As far as I can tell, though, this status bar is it.  What a shame that it will always be hidden and locked for its overall lack of customization and control.