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Missing Container Field Based on Field Size

Question asked by mporter on Mar 4, 2015
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Missing Container Field Based on Field Size


FileMaker Pro


Operating system version

Windows 7 64-bit

Description of the issue

I am using FileMaker Pro Adv 13. I have a table of photos that i am trying to save as a PDF. There are a few photos that report as . If i reduce the field size i am able to see the photo. I have tried all combinations of "Reduce to fit", "Enlarge to Fit" "Crop to frame" format options and nothing changes. The only correlation i can find is that the "missing" photos were taken with an iPad Mini. We use FileMaker Server so i had a coworker open the database on his computer which runs FileMaker Pro Advanced 12. All photos were visible without having to reduce the image size. This seems to be an issue with FMP Adv 13.

Attached is a screenshot of the same container field at 2 different sizes.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Attached are 2 screenshots that display the photo details for the missing photo.

17cmx13cm displays Missing Image
8cmx7cm displays photo image

the photos are stored externally.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear