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    missing pictures



      missing pictures


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      I have created a database in FM Pro 12.0v2 on a macbook air running Sys 10.6.8.  One field is an image space into which I copied and pasted snapshots from pdf's of floor plans (showing a specific room plan in the database).  Now when I open the database in the place where the pictures used to be is a statement ""  I have 761 records in the database, and had 761 clips pasted into it, everything worked, I did a pdf export with the pictures in it,  . .   So is there a way to restore these without having to go back and re-clip and paste them all again?


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               I am facing the same problem.Please suggest me some solution as i can not loose my important data

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                 Tony Blair:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 Are the Container fields set up as remote Containers?  Did you link the records as reference?  If so, then when you move the database file to another location, it will try to find the file in the path, and if it doesn't find the exact path, you will get a message that the file is missing.

                 Or, if the Container field contents were saved in a folder, and you either moved the folder or renamed the folder, then the linked images would not be found.

                 Any other information you can provide about how the images are stored would be helpful in narrowing down the possible causes.

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