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    missing script step



      missing script step


      FileMaker Pro


      9 adv.

      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      Dear Filemakers,
      perhaps you missed to integrate (also in FM11, as far as I can see) a script step named "Sort records of portal/object x by field y".

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Program a Tab including a portal showing a subset of records that have to be sorted by a number of fields listed in the portal.

      Expected result

      As (easy as) in the table view, the records in the portal ought to be sortable. All the talk in the various forums about workarounds just shows that the above mentioned scipt step is missing.

      Actual result

      It does not work. Wiht an affordable amount of work, I do not succeed in establishing a series of buttons that cause sorting of the portal columns below.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      Each time I miss the script step, the error message "The otherwise so ingenious Filemakers must have forgotten to include this script step!" appears in front of my mind.


      Presenting various tabs for various sorting options is possible, but hard to maintain, because every change in the portal has to be repeated for every tab.


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          Many of us have been begging for this for at least six years (that I'm aware of).  FMI doesn't think it is important.  They have never had to administer to multiple invisible tabs to provide the sortability businesses require.  When one has 15 tabs and 9 fields and a field changes ... it becomes a nightmare - repeat ... IT BECOMES A NIGHTMARE to adjust.  I've done many of them and it doesn't get easier after time and practice.

          When business or user mentions adding a field to one of these 'sortable' portal/invisible tab configurations, I feel the color leave my face and I want to take up basket weaving. :-/

          But hey ... what do we know?  We're only the ones who design with FileMaker day in and day out.  We're not the ones who sit back in office with fake plants in the corner and sip their lattes and decide what THEY think we need.  Yes, we have asked and begged for years but like many other issues, they are too busy designing Bento and GO.

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            Max Mustermann:

            Thank you for your post.

            I encourage you to submit this suggestion into our Feature Requests web form located at:


            The suggestions entered into this web form are monitored and read by our Development and Product Management departments where they are discussed and considered for future product.  Although I could copy your post and paste it into the web form, there are additional questions asked that only you can answer.

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