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Modal FileMaker Window prevents PSOS script from changing data

Question asked by philmodjunk on May 5, 2015
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Modal FileMaker Window prevents PSOS script from changing data


FileMaker Pro


FMP 13 and FM Server 13

Operating system version

Windows 7 and Windows Server

Description of the issue

I have two files: file 1 and file 2. I used Go To Related Records to open a new modal window in file 1 from a script in file 2.
I then tried to perform a script from the context of this modal window. It's a one line script:

Perform Script On Server ["script name" from file: "file 2" ; Parameter: Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]

This script fails with the message that this cannot be done from a modal window. If this were Perform Script, that would make sense as I am attempting to modify a record open in another window and file.

But this doesn't seem like something that should fail when performing a server side script...

Configuration information

The modal window is the 3rd window of file 1 open at the time this script is performed. Script is performed from an OnObjectModify trigger on a radio button field. Parameter passed is a list of the field's value, the ID of the current record and the ID of the record to be modified in File 2.


Script works when I perform it from a non modal window on the same layout and record. But I need that window to be modal...

I guess I could set a global variable to the parameter values and perform the script after the window is closed, but what a major Kludge just to get around this issue!