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    Modify Last Find Problem in FM10



      Modify Last Find Problem in FM10

      Description of the issue

      In all previous versions of FM, Modify Last Find took you back to the first screen.  This worked well for us since we weren't usually adding criteria to the find, we were modifying it.  For example, MA properties with appeal deadlines in November that we have no value for; next, we would  and substitute CA for MA.  However, now Modify Last Find takes you to the last screen.  Very very confusing and not mentioned anywhere that I know of.  Bug...feature??? Jane CarrollProperty Tax Advisors  

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          Hi Jane and welcome to the forum.


          I've not been aware of any issues with modify last find but opened one of my DB's and made a simple test:


          I entered find mode, entered some text and performed the find.

          I switched to a different layout and pressed ctrl-r. The file switched to find mode but did not change layouts.


          I tried switching to layouts based on the same table and layouts that were not based on the same table. No change in layout occurred when I pressed ctrl-r and this is the expected behavior--which hasn't changed as far as I know.


          On possible explanation: Are you using fmp 10 and do you have an On Mode Change script trigger set on the layout? You may have such a trigger kicking in and switching layouts on you when you press ctrl-r and enter find mode.

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               Sorry, I didn't explain it well enough.  If you enter a find with seven pages of criteria, then did a refind, FM would take you back to page one.  Now it goes to page seven.  I have just replicated this again.  It may not be a bug, but if so, I would like someone to say that. 
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              Jane Carroll:


              Yes, this was changed with FileMaker Pro 10.  This was a feature request from several users.  In essence, users wanted to  return to the last edited find request.  Originally, you were always brought back to the first request, even if you wanted to change the criteria in the "Nth" request.  Now, if a user has three requests, and they change the criteria in the second request, the next time they refind, they will be taken back to the second request.



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                   New behaviours is fine to me