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Move an ESS (mySQL) solution to another server

Question asked by fabriceN on Feb 4, 2009


Move an ESS (mySQL) solution to another server

Description of the issue

I know, I know, this has been reported many times, but I had not seen a case where moving a FM/mysql solution from a server to another would cause such a mess. I have a solution on a test server, with a sql database on a test server as well.If I move both to a production server, I know I have to redraw all relationships, but what I'm facing now is beyond me :As expected, the table occurrences were not tied to ESS tables anymore, so I had to point them again. OKBut instead of re-linking the TO to the existing table, it created new tables (named after the original, with a " 2" at the end)I of course had to copy paste all the calculation fields, then redraw all the relationships.But now I realise that every field ID (not only the FileMaker calcs) have changed, so every layout, script, calculation where an ESS table is involved is now f... up. Maybe I did something wrong, but if this is the way it's supposed to "work", then ESS is a no-feature. Thanks for your help (if you can),