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Move/Resize Window not allowing setting of height

Question asked by ThomasMyers on Jan 26, 2011
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Move/Resize Window not allowing setting of height


FileMaker Pro


Filemkaer Pro 11v2

Operating system version

Mac OS 10.6.6

Description of the issue

Move/Resize Window will not set the height larger then the menubar screen.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Add 2nd monitor (I used Apple 27"). This screen should be LARGER then the main screen. I used a 17" macbookpro as main scrren.

Position monitor above the main screen

Use the Move/Resize Window to position the window so it is on the new screen. (This will be something lie like height, 1423, width: 1190, top: -1451, left -315.

Expected result

Expect the window to be on the top screen with height being almost full height of screen. Which is 1440.

Actual result

But it sets the window to the right position, but the height appears to be limited to the max size of the main screen. 

NOTE: Changing the main screen to 840 high will then make the window even smaller!