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    MSI problems



      MSI problems


      FileMaker Pro


      11.0.1 adv

      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue


      I'm trying to set up FM11adv for a managed install, as per the instructions on http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/docs/fmp/fmp11_network_install_setup.pdf

      This basically involves tweaking a copy in the install MSI file using Microsoft Orca, entering the licence code, organisation, etc. under the "Property" hash, then using msitran to create an MST file.

      The instructions haven't changed much since version 9, and as I had success with version 9, 9adv , 10 and 10adv I wasn't expecting too much trouble.

      However, no matter what I do to the AI_ORGANIZATION or USERNAME fields, the setup program blithely ignores it, although it does read my licence code in the AI_LICENSEKEY field!

      This does not appear to be happening at the msitrans step, as I get the same results if I run the tweaked MSI files directly with msiexec.

      Can anyone help me? Is there a something I'm missing?



      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Edit the MSI file as per the instructions.

      Expected result

      An effective MST file which contains the product registration details.

      Actual result

      Licence key is recorded, but not the user name or organisation (this is an educational volume-licenced product, through Surf Diensten BV in the Netherlands, so the organisation data is vital!)

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear




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          I apologize for the delay in a response. We have verified that there is an issue where the MSI file detects the license key, but not the user name and company. We are currently looking into this issue.

          I have sent you a private message to further assist you with this issue.

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            Jon, does the same .msi bug apply to using assisted install.txt/setup.exe?

            I need help creating an automated FMP 11 install by using Assisted Install.txt.

            I have read the instructions posted at http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6951/kw/kinsfm/related/1

            and here http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7070/kw/kinsfm/session/L3NpZC9HdkFGek04aw%3D%3D

            I have modified my assisted install.txt file. I correctly edited the command line in setup.ini to allow for a silent install. However when I click setup.exe, the installer prompts for alll the information that is in my assisted install.txt file.  Does setup.ini also need to be modified to read from assisted install.txt and launch setup.exe? Setup.ini references FileMaker Pro 11.msi

            I apprectiate any help regarding this issue as I need to get this installer created as soon as possible. 



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              I'm not sure, as I haven't tried it.  However, setup.exe does utilise the MSI file further along the instalation process, so it may be causing the problem...

              Have you had success using this method with older versions of filemaker?  I know the instructions haven't changed, so if it works on v9 or v10, but not v11, you can be pretty sure it's not your fault!



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                So what are my options for creating an automated install? I have limited knowledge when it comes to creating automated installers. Which is why the assisted install.txt was a viable option for a noob such as myself. I don't know anything about editing a .msi in Orca. I need to install FMP11 on 300+ PC's. Can you guys provide me a working solution for creating some type of automated installation?


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                  No further update at this time.  This is definitely recognized as an issue with FileMaker Pro 11.  It does work properly in previous releases.

                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    Adrian Robinson:

                    Thank you for your post.

                    Just to clarify, the assisted install.txt file works correctly.  The problem is with the .msi file where the username and organization are not picked up.  For more information about assisted install, see Knowledge Base Article #6951 at:


                    FileMaker, Inc.