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Multiple Issues When Linking Pictures (New to FM13)

Question asked by dchou on Jan 4, 2014
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Multiple Issues When Linking Pictures (New to FM13)


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13 Advanced

Description of the issue

Hello:  Recently started looking at transitioning to FileMaker 13 (from 12).  Noticing a few issues with linked pictures in FileMaker 13 (not present in FileMaker 12).  Pictures speak louder than words -- see attached illustration.

(A)  Linked pictures that are transparent, are opaque/white where they should be transparent.

(B)  Linked pictures cut off the very top row of pixels (at least 1 row).  This is evident, for example in the illustrated, when the image is a shape that runs alongside the edges.  The left, bottom, and right edges show… but not the top.

(C)  Overall, pictures seem to be rendered poorly from their originals.  Generally evident in 'blurrier' images, however especially obvious when there contains text in the graphic itself.

Steps to reproduce the problem

See attached illustration.

Expected result

See attached illustration.

Actual result

See attached illustration.