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Multiple repeating fields no longer align in preview mode

Question asked by BEFlynnPE on Jun 27, 2012
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Multiple repeating fields no longer align in preview mode & print


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Description of the issue

Up to FMP11, the side by side columns of repeating fields would all align the individual cells horizontally as they slid up vertically, creating excellant flexible layouts.  Now each column slides up independently of its neighbors.   I use multiple columns of repeating fields for quick proposals and reports.  It allows for easy templates to be created and imported.  In FMP12, the individual cells no longer align horizontally.  Help!

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create multiple repeating fields with vertical orientation placed side by side. Use height of several lines for each field.   Set all repeating fields to slide up in preview.  Place varying amounts of text to create staggered heights when viewed in preview.

Expected result

Up to FMP11, each cell of the repeating field would slide up to remain in line with its neighbor to match the cell with the most text or numbers, etc.  This would create the appearance of horizontal cells in a table with varying heights of each line, depending on the content.

Actual result

In FMP12, the same layouts used in FMP11 no longer align to create a uniform horizontal line of cells in the side by side vertical repeating fields.  No each repeating field slides up independent of its neighbor to create an near useless report in which the lines of information no longer line up.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

There is no error message generated by this bug.

Configuration information

Using FMP12, FMP12 Server sand FMP12 Advanced on a Mac with Lion installed.


No practical work around is available without completely rewriting entire tables and layouts,