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    Mysterious "Script Is Paused" is spontaneous



      Mysterious "Script Is Paused" is spontaneous & unreproducable


      FileMaker Pro


      FMP Advanced 11.0v2

      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.6.4

      Description of the issue

      I have a multi-file, multi-window solution that occasionally semi-hangs, that is, I can work in the focused window, but I can't select another window in the same solution or an another unrelated solution.

      It took a while to notice the Layout bar was displaying "Script is Paused" with a blue Continue button and a gray Cancel button.

      This solution has no Pause steps in any script.  After clicking "Continue," repeating the most recent action has never resulted in another Pause.  So I can't debug what's actually causing the Pause.

      The most recent action is probably not relevant because as long as I stay in the same window, the solution seems to behave normally.  So whatever is causing the Pause could have been minutes (or even hours) ago.

      "Pause on error" is not enabled in the Script Debugger.

      I welcome suggestions on how to isolate this annoying Pause problem.

      -- Ward

      P.S.  Moments after posting my original note, another Pause appeared.  I clicked "Continue" and the Pause came back immediately.  Clicking "Continue" again cleared the Pause.

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          Apologies in advance, but it really, truly sounds like you have a script with a pause/resume script step in it. It may be a layout based script trigger that is performing a script at a time you didn't expect such as in the middle of another script that changes layouts or records and thus trips the script trigger.

          Next time you get this Pause, enable the script debugger and see what script is listed in the debugger.