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    Narrow a search



      Narrow a search


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      Mac OS 10.7.5

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      In FileMaker Training Series 1-33, question 1.3.7 one has to narrow a search (a list of meetings held by a certain person during one year) to: "which meetings are held on Wednesday"
      Somebody can give me a tip?
      Thanks a lot



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               Charles Roels:

               Thank you for the post.


               Please see the following link and refer to the section on performing a logical AND search:




               Two examples also appear on page 1-23 of the FileMaker 12 Training Series.


               Please note, Report an Issue is for bug reports.


               If you have a question about how to use a FileMaker product, please post that question to one of the other forums (FileMaker Forum, FileMaker Server Forum or FileMaker Go Forum) that have been set up for that purpose. If you post to the FM Pro Forum section (see tab at top of screen), then not only will more people see the post, but you will likely get a quicker reply.



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                 Hello to you TS Falcon,

                 Thanks for the answer. Most probably I didn't make myself clear.
                 The 'Search And' and the 'search Or' are well understood, as well as the section "1-3 Finding data".
                 My problem is how to find, in a list of dates, those which are on e.g. on a wednesday.
                 Which term has to be filled in?
                 In this case I can't find the right term which has to be filled in and where it has to be done.
                 I think in "Date" and should it be 'Wed" or "Wednesday"? I don't know, because these don't work.
                 So some help will solve the problem.
                 Thanks anyway

                 Charles Roels

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                   Charles Roels:

                   Below is a screenshot showing the default table and a single format change on the default layout for the FTS_Meetings.fmp12 file that comes with the newest FileMaker 12 Training Series. 

                   The Date field is formatted by default "As Entered" which shows in the 12/25/2003 display format. Since this is a true Date field according to Manage Database (see screenshot), performing a find on the field for "Wed" or "Wednesday" will find the dates in the table that are Wednesdays. FileMaker already sees this information stored within the field's contents. 

                   When I perform the find for "Wednesday," FileMaker finds a single date in the original records. Specifically, 7/27/2011. If I show all records, enter layout mode, highlight the date field and use the Inspector to change the date field's Format to the "Thursday, December 25, 2003" option, and view all the records in table mode, then I will now see the one Wednesday date in the list, Wednesday, July 27th, 2011.  

                   This is only a single way to find day names in FileMaker, but likely the simplest way since we already have an existing Date field. Additionally, a calculation field with the DayName function could also be used. 


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