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Need to be able to set defaults for layouts

Question asked by scottworld on May 5, 2012
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Need to be able to set defaults for layouts


FileMaker Pro



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Mac OS X 10.6.8

Description of the issue

In all prior versions of FileMaker, we could set our own "defaults" for any layout:
- Default font
- Default font size
- Default line color
- Default box fill color
- Default border color
- Default text style
- etc.

However, in FileMaker 12, this much-needed functionality has been removed from us. FileMaker 12 ASSUMES that we are SO ENAMORED with their themes, that we want ALL NEW OBJECTS TO ADOPT THOSE THEMES. This SIMPLY ISN'T TRUE. We NEED the flexibility to set the defaults on our own, and LET US QUICKLY DEVELOP the layouts that WE WANT TO DEVELOP.

It DOESN'T SAVE US TIME if we have to continually have to START with FileMaker's thematic defaults, and then MANUALLY MODIFY those defaults to match our own desires.

Why did FileMaker IGNORE THE DEVELOPER in the release of FM 12, and instead cater to beginners instead?