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Network Protocol Conflict btw 2 FMP versions?

Question asked by philmodjunk on Mar 23, 2009
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Network Protocol Conflict btw 2 FMP versions?

Description of the issue

I seem to be getting into a habit of encountering weird situations that probably don't apply to most developers/users. System Info:Windows XP, Service Pack 3Filemaker Pro 5.5 and Filemaker Pro Adv. I am preparing converted/upgraded FMP 10 versions of our 5.5 files we currently use. As a result, I have FMP 5.5 and FMP 10 adv installed on my workstation. I need both so that I can both maintain our current system, while also working on the upgraded system. Recently, I quit FMP 10, launched FMP 5.5 and attempted to connect as a guest to our hosted 5.5 files. The Host list was blank even though we had two FMS 5.5 servers and one FMP 10 workstation hosting files. (I could confirm this easily by going to a different computer and opening the hosts list.) Our existing 5.5 system is configured to use IPX/SPX. Our "test bed" system for FMP 10adv on the above machine and FMS 10 on Windows Server 2003. The version 10 system, of course, uses TCP/IP. Simultaneously, on the same network, our current system consists of files hosted on two servers using FMS 5.5 and one machine using FMP 5.5 to host a few files. Now here's where it gets weird:If I launch FMP 5.5, use preferences to select TCP/IP, and relaunch, I can now see the FMS 5.5 files listed in the host list and can successfully open and use these files. The FMP 5.5 hosted peer to peer files remain invisible even though all the 5.5 servers are set only for IPX/SPX! Anybody got a clue as to what's happened and how to fix it? This could become a major issue for us as I was planning to set up two more machines with FMP 10 for training and user feed back purposes, but I will still need them to work with the current FMP 5.5 system until we are ready to roll out the changes.