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    New Button Bar not showing drop down menu buttons



      New Button Bar not showing drop down menu buttons


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version

      Windows 7 / ios 8.2

      Description of the issue

      Every once in a while, using a ipad or iphone, the new button bar will not display icons in a drop down menu.  But if you press where the button should be it will do the proper function.  I am also seeing tab control data not displaying entry items.  Never had this problem with 13.  Any suggestions?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Not very consistent, just started happening when I upgraded to 14.


      none - unable to use software.  Can I revert back to 13?

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          Gary Wagner:

          Thank you for your post.

          When you say "New Button Bar", do you mean "Top Navigation" part?  Perhaps you could provide more information on icons with a drop down menu.  Where is the button located on the screen?  What are the dimensions?

          How many tab panels exist in the tab control?  In which tab panel is the data not displaying?  What type of data?  If you place the field outside the the tab panel, does it then display?

          Any other details you can provide would be helpful.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Gary Wagner:

            My apologies.  After reading your post again, I was wondering, "How did I not understand this?"  I believe I originally confused the Button Bar with either the Top Navigation, Status Toolbar or the Formatting Bar.

            I cannot replicate the issue.  The images in the Button Bar always appear no matter what layout I view.

            Can you describe your layout?  Specifically, what is the position of the Button Bar?  How many segments exist in the Button Bar?  Are you using the built-in images for the Button Bar, or did  you import images?  If the latter, what type of images (png, jpeg, tiff, etc.)?

            Let me know what steps I can perform to replicate the issue.

            Sorry again for my initial misunderstanding.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Hmm, and might they be fairly Hi Res images?

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                I have a similar issue. I have three users all using iPads to access a FileMaker 14 solution via FileMaker Go 14.

                In the layouts, I have a "Top Navigation" Section with a button bar that has three buttons on it. Two users (one on an iPad Air, and the other on an older iPad) see the navigation and it works fine. The third user, on an iPad Air doesn't see the buttons at all. Only one of the layouts has a button with a dropdown, the others are just standard buttons.

                Not sure what other information would be helpful, but I'm stuck as to what might be happening.


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                  Seth Redius:

                  Since the Top Navigation appears on one iPad Air but not another iPad Air, can you first confirm that both users are running FileMaker Go 14?  If one user is using FileMaker Go 13, then the Top Navigation would definitely not be available because the Top Navigation was a feature added to 14.

                  Assuming both iPad Airs have FileMaker Go 14, are both users accessing the file with the same privilege set?  That is, is it possible there are some conditions set on the objects (Hide object when) in the Top Navigation that allows one account to view, but not another account?

                  Is it possible the second iPad Air has a local copy of the file without the Top Navigation?

                  Reboot the second iPad Air to clear out any possible memory issues.  Then, try again.

                  If the Top Navigation still isn't visible on the second iPad Air, consider moving off the local files to your desktop computer, and then reinstall a fresh copy of FileMaker Go 14.  After reinstallation, copy the files from your desktop computer back into the FileMaker Go work area.  Then, try again.

                  Keep me updated with any progress.

                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    Thanks for writing back!


                    To answer your questions, I double-checked that all 3 users are on FM Go 14. To clarify, the user that doesn't see the button bars does see the top navigation as there is a logo in that space, and that is fully visible (and if I convert it to a button, she can click on it).

                    As for privileges - the users are in the same set.

                    The file is hosted via a FileMaker Server (that's actually being hosted, so happy to give you a login if you like). All users are accessing via the Internet. I did have the user do a full reboot of her iPad, and still didn't have any luck.

                    Unfortunately, this is a project that I'm working on remotely, so I'm at my desk in Texas with FM Pro, and FM Go on my air, one user is in Miami (the one that can see the bar), and the other is in NY, so I'm resorting to hand-holding to get her to do what I want.

                    Let me know if I can get you other info or a log-in.


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                      Seth Redius:

                      Thank you for the information, as that helps rule out several possible causes.

                      Having users in remote locations makes things a bit more difficult, but doable.

                      For clarification, the iPad that was rebooted, were any other applications running?  How much RAM is on her iPad Air (although that should not make a difference)?

                      Although it shouldn't make a difference, have her go into Settings, scroll down and tap FileMaker Go (14) and see what settings she has for Location and Camera.  Have her take screen shots of General Settings and compare them with your settings.

                      Send me a private message by clicking on my name, and then click "Send TSGal a Message", and you can then let me know the IP Address, filename and login information.  I'll try accessing the file from here (California) using different settings.

                      FileMaker, Inc.