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New Enable Touch Keyboard (on/off/toggle) iOS script step conflicts with Bluetooth keyboard

Question asked by tcmeyers on Jul 29, 2015
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New Enable Touch Keyboard (on/off/toggle) iOS script step conflicts with Bluetooth keyboard


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 8.4 (both iPad, iPhone)

Description of the issue

The Enable Touch Keyboard script step works fine unless there is a Bluetooth keyboard or scanner connected. Ideally it would work to show/hide the iOS keyboard even if a Bluetooth source is connected as well.

Bluetooth keyboards can show/hide the iOS keyboard by sending the eject-button signal. However, even this is disabled if the Enable Touch Keyboard script step is left in the "off" state.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Place a button with a Enable Touch Keyboard (toggle) action on a layout that includes an entry field. Place the cursor in the field. The iOS keyboard shows itself.

Tap the toggle button. The iOS keyboard disappears. Tap again, it reappears. This is as expected.

Connect a Bluetooth keyboard or scanner, place the cursor in the field. Normally the iOS Keyboard won't show, but hitting the EJECT key hides or shows it... or with a scanner such as the OPN-2005, pushing the small button does the same.

With the Bluetooth scanner still connected, observe that tapping the toggle button on the layout does NOT show/hide the keyboard, and in fact in one if its states, where the cursor disappears from the entry field, it prevents the Bluetooth device from entering text, or even showing/hiding the iOS Keyboard. The on-layout button must be toggled again to get the cursor to reappear, and to allow the Bluetooth keyboard to work.

Expected result

Simply show or hide or toggle just the iOS keyboard, and allow a Bluetooth keyboard to also do the same, and accept entry from either.

Actual result

The Enable Touch Keyboard (on/off/toggle) is actually enabling and disabling BOTH keyboards, and never showing the Touch keyboard if a Bluetooth keyboard is connected.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

FMS 14.0.2