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New Print Setup and Print Script Steps

Question asked by fm4alluvu on May 12, 2010
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New Print Setup and Print Script Steps

Description of the issue

Please STOP saving the Printer preference within each FileMaker file.We are a manufacturer and need to print product labels in multiple sizesfor our various products. We now use FileMaker Pro 8 and 9 and have few problems.Rewriting our software to cope with the new Print Setup and Print Script steps istoo expensive for us to upgrade at this time.We do not wish to be REQUIRED to buy a change Printer Plug-In; please, at the very least, restorethe ability to select a printer within the Print Setup script Step.And also please restore the ability to change the FileMaker Printer via the Windows Registry.This change in FM 11 means we will not be upgrading our 40 FileMaker Seat licenses.