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New Record command grayed out/Deactivated (FM10-Vista)

Question asked by dew119 on Jan 14, 2010
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New Record command grayed out/Deactivated (FM10-Vista)

Description of the issue

One of our customers is uable to create New Records in files we developed/provided.  - We've verified the file's function here, opeing it with the same Acct & Password that the customer is using. - After providing customer with a copy of the verifed file, the New Record command is grayed out when opened there. - Yes, the file is in the Browse mode and no scripts running/paused. The only differences I am aware of is that                                    Customer running:   FM Product(s) FM Pro 10   Operating System(s) Windows Vista We're running        FM Product: FM Advanced 10, v3    OS: XP, Service Pack 3 What is causing the New Record command to be inactive in her environment?  Thanks,Diane