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    New Record in Table View



      New Record in Table View


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows XP

      Description of the issue

      Just a comment:
          In Table View, I don't like the far left column that
      has a "+" for adding a new record at the bottom of the
      table.  I have programs that have three or four windows
      (each has a different table), and I use program
      control  so that each window gets a new record at the same time.  Now comes along version 11 pro and the
      user can easily just hit the plus "+" sign and viola,
      a new record is created in a table, thus upsetting the
      commonality of the tables.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I don't see any solution.

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          This is one of several reasons why I use List View instead of table view for most "public" layouts--keeping table view mainly as a debugging tool for looking at lots of records at one time.

          You can design a layout so that when viewed in list view, it will look nearly identical to table view but without giving the user the ability to modify the columns shown or click a + button to add a new record. Of course in any layout, your user can create a new record with the keyboard shortcut for new record unless you take steps to disable this option and I would expect these measures to also disable the + button when in table view.

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            Apparently this is the only solution.  I just don't see why
            Filemaker added this feature that can cause so much trouble
            when displaying in Table View.