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    New Records Won't Print



      New Records Won't Print

      Description of the issue

      I just purchased FMP 11 and I am really new at this. I use it for registration badges at our quarterly conference.  Recently it stopped printing "new records." Once entered I have to hit "find" and then print the badge which really takes up a lot of time when you have a line of people waiting to register. The same thing was happening before I upgraded from v. 7. I updated thinking that the program was old and unstable only to have the same thing happen. I defraged but that didn't help either.

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          You'll need to tell us more about how your database is designed.


          It sounds like you have one layout for data entry and one layout for printing the badges. What exactly do you do after you have finished entering data for a new badge?


          Click a button?, select the print layout from the layouts menu? or ?


          Do you print one badge at a time or a page of badges at a time?