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New Recover process in vs. 10

Question asked by StellaLuna on Dec 18, 2009
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New Recover process in vs. 10

Description of the issue

From developer community (and not from FMI directly), I have always heard that one should never use a recovered file even if it says it is fine.  And then I heard that FMI admitted the same at a few DevCons.  Then vs. 10 came out and rumor was it had greatly improved the recovery process (in addition to allowing advanced recovered actions).  Well I am still very dissatisfied with what I am seeing in the messages.  Example: Prior to vs 10, the Recover message said:Recovery is complete. During recovery:3248K Bytes were salvaged0 whole records were skipped0 field values were skipped0 lost field definitions were rebuilt. If you have further problems with this file, call FileMaker, Inc. Technical Support. This told us nothing and I was pleased to see that vs. 10's message was different as:Recover built a new database without detecting any problems.  The new database is safe to use, though you should monitor the results carefully and make sure to keep up-to-date backups of your databases. Recovery results:File blocks: scanned and rebuilt 804 blocks, dropped 0 invalid data blocks.Schema: scanned fields and tables, 0 items modified.Structure: scanned; 0 items modifiedField indexes: rebuilt. It also contains a button to open the log directly!  Cool, because usually one can't find the silly logs anyway and they never tell us anything!  But now the logs are different as well and here comes my complaint: The log generated for this last vs. 10 messages says at the end: Recover built a new database without detecting any problems.  It would be safest to copy only the most recent work from the recovered file into a backup copy of the original file, instead of using the recovered file going forward. This goes against what the message says, which says it is okay to use and FMI has again left their customers scratching their heads in confusion on what the heck to believe.  And most customers will believe the recovery message which says it is okay to use.  Why can't you be consistent in your wording and message.  Why can't you tell people they shouldn't use a recovered file in recover log AND message?  I searched knowledge base and can't find any place where this is properly documented for us.  Pretend that your top engineer had a huge, critically important solution which crashed and they had to recover the file and ask them what they would do.  Would they use the recovered file if told it was fine by that recover message?  Just how much better is the recovery process from before? FMI reminds me of a politician - going around in circles on this issue and never really answering the question clearly.  Please do so now for us, TSGal.  And please have them change those messages so they don't contradict each other. :womanvery-happy: