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New Window script step running away

Question asked by taylorsharpe_1 on Feb 8, 2009
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New Window script step running away

Description of the issue

I run this script called "Document Use of this Script"   Set Variable [$Layout_Name; Value:Get(LayoutName)]  New Window [Name: "Document Use of Script"]  Go to Layout ["Scripts" (Scripts)]  New Record/Request  Set Field [Scripts::Layout Name; $Layout_Name]  Set Field [Scripts::Script Name; $$Script]  Close Window [Current Window] When it gets to the 2nd step to open a new Window.... it keeps opening windows over and over.... HUNDREDS of them until I kill it.   I am using FileMaker 10 Pro Advanced Version 10.0v1 (12-02-2008) I am using a Mac Pro with Mac OS X Server Version 10.5.6, 8 Gigs of Memory, couple of terrabytes of hard drive space, and 2 X 3GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors.