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    Newly created/committed related records not showing up



      Newly created/committed related records not showing up

      Description of the issue

      This problem was identified while using FileMaker 10 Advenced on Windows XP Pro sp3 with databases hosted on Filemaker Server 10 on Windows Server 2003 Standard sp2. When adding a related record (in another file) via a portal, and committing that record by multiple means (click out of record, navigate to another record, etc.), the following occurs:  The total record count for the related table does not increase; I can perform a find to locate the related record, but if I perform a "find all" I am no longer on that record and cannot locate it by going to previous/next records.  However, if I open the file on another client, the total record count is correct (increased by one) and I can both "find" the record, and navigate to it as the last record in the table. I am very perplexed by this behavior... please help.

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          Whenever, I get inconsistent results performing simple finds in Filemaker, I start suspecting problems with Filemaker's Indexing system. I then try one or both of the following fixes:

          1. Get a clone of your file and import all the records from your current copy. This rebuilds all the files indexes.
          2. Recover a copy of the file and see if the recovered copy shows the same problem. If recovering fixes the problem I replace the file with a back up or do step 1.


          That may not fix your problem, but it's worth a try.