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Next/Back buttons not visible during Filemaker ODBC configuration (x32

Question asked by crw030 on Jan 15, 2015
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Next/Back buttons not visible during Filemaker ODBC configuration (x32 & x64) on WIn7 Pro (x64 OS)


FileMaker Pro


Tested both 13.0v2 and 13.0v5 ODBC drivers

Operating system version

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1

Description of the issue

While installing the latest ODBC drivers for Windows, I found that I was unable to proceed through the configuration dialog, as it appears to be sized too small to view the "Next", "Back" and "Cancel" buttons.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Install Filemaker ODBC drivers from    onto Windows 7 PC
2. open either 64-bit ODBC administrator _or_ 32-bit ODBC administrator
3. Attempt to add a new DSN, selecting Filemaker ODBC as the driver to use
4. observe Filemaker ODBC popup configuration dialog does not show the Next/Back/Cancel buttons and the dialog cannot be resized to show them.
5. Press "Tab", and then "Space" to activate the invisible "Next" button
6. observe the problem persists to the subsequent configuration screens making it impossible to configure an ODBC data source.

Expected result

I expect to see the navigation buttons such as "Next", "Back" and "Cancel" and be able to activate them with the mouse to proceed through the configuration dialog.

I have verified this same behavior on 2 Laptop computers, both with the same OS, one which had FM12 ODBC drivers previously installed (and was uninstalled) and one which has not previously had any FM ODBC driver installed.

Unfortunately, I only have access to Windows 7 Pro PCs at this time, so I'm not sure if the problem affects other OS.

Actual result

The buttons are outside the bounds of the dialog and cannot be located nor clicked.