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      MacOS X 10.6.4

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      I have a licensed copy of v11 Pro.  I have been running an internal experiment to see whether we will buy more copies to do a shared database, or whether we will use QuickBase.

      Your software is a nightmare.  I copied it to another machine, but it crashes when I try to enable web sharing.  I tried running the 11v2 update, but it says I don't have a "valid copy".  I tried to find a download on your site to re-install on the second machine, but there is none.  I can barely get onto the Forum without a bunch of hassles.

      Are you trying to prevent sales?  Are you trying to make sure nobody wants to use your software?  You're doing a great job!

      I've bought countless copies of FileMaker over many years, and have advocated it to many people.  I'm about to STOP doing both of those things, because it's starting to be a very poor user experience.

      Glenn Reid

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          Hi Glenn

          You note that you "copied" the FileMaker Pro to another machine.

          Did you try using the installer to properly install the software?

          TS_Oz, FileMaker Inc.

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            I don't have an installer, because I downloaded the software after I bought it, and after a while of not needing it, deleted the .DMG file.  Part of my point is that there is no way I could find to download another copy of the installer.  It's not available anywhere on the Support/Downloads center.  I have a valid serial number, so it seems like I should be able to just get a copy of the installer, right? I've done that lots of times with other software that I've bought over the internet.

            So yes, I copied the FileMaker from one machine to the other, which is what almost anyone would do if they were going to test multiple-machine sharing and couldn't get an installer from filemaker.com. It complains mightily about licensing multiple copies and quits (fair enough, but isn't there a mode for try-before-you-buy for multi-user sharing?). Worse (after I quit out of it on the other machine), it simply crashes when turning on web sharing, repeatably, even after a second full copy from the original machine.  I think it's some kind of copy-protection gone bad.  Copy protection always punishes the honest people who actually buy software, not the actual pirates.

            Meanwhile, I've lost the chance to convince my team that FileMaker is the right solution.  We've been given a very compelling demo of QuickBase, and given that FileMaker hasn't changed since Version 5 or so, we're abandoning it and going with QuickBase.  It's too bad, because I like FileMaker and have used it on and off since the early 90's at least.

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              The crashing is your are reporting is not typical.

              Filemaker offers a 30 day free trial download. You could have downloaded that copy to one computer to serve as your second client along with the copy where you've already installed FileMaker.

              Within the Forum, TSGal has helped any number of users with getting a new copy of an installer they've paid for and I suspect a call to technical support would also help you out.

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                Of course crashing is not typical.  I wrote software myself for 20 years, including very high-profile apps at Apple and Adobe.  I'm not just a random schmoe. It's not typical but ... it's bad, right?

                The "free 30-day trial" download requires filling out a form with at least 10 required fields, and I'm already a customer. Really?!

                My point is that every bit of this "user experience" was set up to prevent me from getting what I needed without jumping through ridiculous hoops. I stick with my contention that it is a "customer prevention program".  I was about to spend a thousand bucks or so on several additional licenses for FileMaker, but by the end of this little project, I have given up instead. Draw your own conclusions as to who or what is at fault, but I was unable to make a good case for buying additional copies of FileMaker.

                I'm tuning out of this discussion now, sorry.

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                  If you are still reading this, you can contact FileMaker customer service and get a new download link. It is not our fault that you deleted your DMG file and have no backup.

                  As Phil points out, we do offer a fully functional 30-day trial for testing. Yes you have to fill out the form.

                  The software you or your company chooses to use is your decision. FileMaker offers a very high level of customer support.

                  Maybe you just wanted to vent.

                  TS_Oz, FileMaker Inc.