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No DSN when using ODBC Administrator to select a data source

Question asked by JoostOkkinga on Sep 15, 2011
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No DSN when using ODBC Administrator to select a data source


FileMaker Pro


11.0 v3

Operating system version

OSX 10.7 Lion

Description of the issue

Hi, I am trying to use Filemaker pro as a data source. And I would like to connect to it from another programme through ODBC. But I am not managing.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Chapter I  ***************
1. Open the database files.
To enable or change a file’s sharing status, you must open it with an account that has Manage extended privileges access privileges. See About accounts, privilege sets, and extended privileges for more information.

2. Choose File menu > Sharing > ODBC/JDBC.
The ODBC/JDBC Sharing Settings dialog box appears.

3. For ODBC/JDBC Sharing, click On.

4. Select the filename(s) to share from the list of open files.

5. Choose Users from any account: "all users"

6. Click OK

Chapter II   ****************
Configuring client drivers (Mac OS)

Before using a client application to access a FileMaker data source, you must configure a client driver for the data source. Configuration settings identify the client driver you’re using, the location of the data source, and details on how you intend to connect.

These instructions assume you have installed the ODBC Manager from Actual Technologies, available at, which is a freeware product not supported by FileMaker.

Important When using a FileMaker client driver, you must reserve 2399 as the port. To configure the ODBC client driver:

1. Launch the ODBC Manager utility. (The ODBC Manager is installed in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.)

2. Select the System DSN or User DSN tab, and click Add. The Choose a driver dialog box opens.

3. Select FileMaker ODBC, and click OK.
The FileMaker DSN Configuration dialog box opens.

Expected result

4. Click Continue.

5. For Name, enter a name that will be meaningful to others accessing the FileMaker data source. For Description, enter an optional description of the FileMaker data source. Click Continue.

Actual result

4. Nothing. There is no option "Filemaker ODBC" to select.