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    No Insert Symbol Capability



      No Insert Symbol Capability


      FileMaker Pro



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      Windows XP

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      I am astonished to find that there is no way to insert symbols in a text field.  I need to be able to enter accented letters because I am managing member information for an organization which has international members.

      When I contacted Tech Support to find out how to insert symbols, I was told that since this is a database program and not a word processing program, this function was not considered necessary.

      Surely, I am not the only user who needs to be able to enter names and addresses which have accented letters.

      Is there a work-around?

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          I rarely need this myself and make do by inserting the characters into MS Word using its symbol widget then copy and paste from there into FileMaker.

          On the other hand, you could create your own tool for this in FileMaker.

          Buttons could be used that insert a symbol character into the current field. A drop down list could be set up to enter them--just to name two such options...

          Keyboard shortcuts that work with the OnObjectKeystroke script trigger might also be able to do this...

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             I just submitted a post to the Product Feedback area of Support. I couldn't agree more Don Sarles. I just upgraded from version 9 of FM Pro and was shocked to discover that the engineer still haven't introduced a character map or some other mechanism for entering international characters? Filemaker is sold worldwide and the application is available in multiple languages. Why doesn't FM give users the same capability. I need to build and maintain databases of data in multiple languages (English, French, and Polish). Data entry is very arduous.

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              Excuse me but what problem do you really have with accented characters?

              I use them on a daily basis, as well as Russian or greek alphabet... everything.

              The only limitation you have is if you specify a language in the storage panel and a font that contains characters not supported by this language.

              For example, if you try TimesCE to type Polish characters in an English stored field, it won't work. You have to use Unicode fonts such as Arial, Tahoma and others that contain all the characters you'll need. It is true though that several Mac preinstalled fonts are more complete that on Windows.

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                I wish fabriceN would tell us how, exactly, he uses accented characters on a daily basis in Filemaker Pro. Change the language keyword? Use alt-key combinations?

                I did some experimenting and found that if I change the language on the Language bar in Windows from EN to PL (for Polish) and also selected the Polish (Programmers) keyboard, I can enter Polish characters in Filemaker Pro. For French, the easies thing is to keep the language as EN, select the US International keyboard, and then use key combinations to get accented French letters.

                Some references:

                To add languages and keyboards in Windows: Control Panel/Clock Language and Region/Region and Language

                To type Polish characters: http://www.polishnewsseattle.org/info/PolskieLitery.htm

                To type French accents: http://french.about.com/od/writing/ss/typeaccents_2.htm

                I would still like to see a character map in Word so all accented characters (at least Western alphabets) could be selected from a single table.

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                  Thanks arby for your response to the answer from fagrice.  I had the same reaction.  I suspect he is using a Mac. 

                  And thank you for the references you provided for information on how to type French accents.  I didn't know about the international keyboard capability in Windows until your answer.

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                    Usually, people don't talk to me with 3rd person on forums, but I'll try to get used to these aristocratic manners.

                    I use a Mac and a Windows machine, but with a French keyboard (and it might be that I always use a mac to type in Russian or Polish).

                    So to the question "I wish fabriceN would tell us how, exactly, he uses accented characters on a daily basis in Filemaker Pro" (well, it wasn't really a question, but let's consider it that way), the answer is: I simply press the key, which I'm afraid is of no use to you.

                    But to my knowledge, except for countries such as Middle East, China... there is only one version of FileMaker Pro, and I can assure you it handles accented characters.