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No Rosetta prompt when exporting xls on mac... only a confusing message

Question asked by fxdb on Feb 27, 2010
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No Rosetta prompt when exporting xls on mac... only a confusing message

Description of the issue

I recently moved to developing on a mac, whilst making my solution cross platform,, however I have come across the following problem... When trying to export to an xls (Excel Workbook 95-2004) file I am getting the following error message "Some of the files that are needed are either damaged or have not been installed.  Please run the installer to correct this problem" As seen here : Towards the bottom of that KB it states "When Rosetta is required for any action it will prompt you to install it, no media is needed to perform the Rosetta install and it takes about 1 minute to install it." Since Im not getting any prompt to install Rosetta, I did a search and came up with this on apples website."You’ll never see it, you’ll never configure it, you’ll never have to think about it. It’s built into Mac OS X to ensure that most of your existing applications live a long and fruitful life." Im fairly new to the mac, but these two statements contradict each other and Im now confused lol...So... What can I do ? Where / how can I get rosetta ?  Why is there no prompt to install it ?I cannot seem to find it anywhere on the mac..  Why have i posted it as a bug ?  Well if apple say its built in, and Filemaker say when required we should be prompted, then their in lies the bug.  I am not being prompted...