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Non Printing objects in Portal will Print

Question asked by tommykeith on Apr 29, 2014
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Non Printing objects in Portal will Print


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 13.0v2

Operating system version

OS 10.9.2

Description of the issue

I have a layout with a portal with 10 rows.  Included with the fields is a button to delete that row.  I have highlighted that button and marked as Hide when Printing.  Buttons outside of the portal marked as Hide when Printing do not print, but the button in the portal continues to print even though marked at Hide when Printing.

Steps to reproduce the problem

If I make the layout longer than 1 page (I am using Portrait) the buttons do not appear in Preview.

If the layout is 1 page, the buttons do appear in Preview.

The layout has a Header which contains buttons only and a body which contains the fields and portals.  Tried creating a new database.  Same issue.  As long as the layout is greater than 1 page, the button does not show up.  If the layout is less than a full page, the button prints.

Expected result

Button with Hide when Printing should not print

Actual result

Button prints when layout is 1 page.
Button does not print when layout is greater than 1 page

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.0v2 and Mac OS 10.9.2 and FileMaker Server  Signed on with Admin password


User keywords recommended turning on Sliding up in the portal.  Button does not print, but the vertical look of the layout is compromised.