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    non recognition of password



      non recognition of password


      FileMaker Pro


      11 4

      Operating system version

      mac os lion

      Description of the issue

      i assigned a password to a file, but at the same time I specified a user-name which was not already set up on my Mac. My password would not open the file, but when I went to Mac system preferences to create a user with the name used for the Filemaker file I was told that the user already exists. I cannot now open the file because it has a non-recognised user, and I cannot create the username because the computer thinks that it already exists.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I created a new database to test, same problem

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          Filemaker files are opened with Account names and passwords, not with user names. But Filemaker automatically enters the current user name into the account name box in the password log in dialog. This can create a lot of confusion as to whether you are working with a user name or an account name.

          Account names are created in Manage | Security and each needs to have a matching password (which can be blank).

          User names, as you described, are created in preferences.

          When you log in, even though FileMaker enters the current user name for you, you can still clear this name and enter a different account name.

          Our systems here enter a user name for the most frequently used limited access account (we don't manage separate accounts for each user), but supervisors can clear the default account name entered from the local user account and can instead enter their higher access level account name and password.