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Non-Combo Drop Down List triggers field validation without exiting the field

Question asked by philmodjunk on Nov 12, 2009
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Non-Combo Drop Down List triggers field validation without exiting the field

Description of the issue

Windows XP, SP3, FMP 10.03, FMP 10.03 Adv and FMP 5.5 (I was curious if older versions did this also). When a user selects a value from a simple drop down list (no arrow option), the cursor remains in the field which allows designers to create interfaces where a users selects an initial value from the value list and then types in additional data to finish recording data in the field. Unfortunately, if the value initially entered from the value list violates a validataion rule, the validation error appears before the user can finish entering data in the field. Define a value list with the custom values, < and >. Format a field to use this value list as a drop down list. Do not select the arrow option. Enter find mode and select a value from the list. The cursor remains in the field, but filemaker pops up the error dialog telling you that you've entered invalid criteria. Since the cursor remains in the field, this appears inconsistent with expected behavior with other field data entry where validation is not check until you exit the field. It creates issues for the user in this particular situation as the dialog pops up before they can add the rest of their find criterion to the field. This will also happen in browse mode if you create a validation rule that conflicts with a value entered from the value list, but is less likely to create issues with the users.