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Not able to connect to DB

Question asked by YumiIseki on Jun 30, 2014
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Not able to connect to DB


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Modem that cable company provided to us is connected to Netgear router, then into Apple ariport. From there, we share wifi connection on all computers and iphone, ipad. I tried to set up so that I can connect home computer or ipad to the datebase. But not successful. If I do what's my ip, it won't give me the correct ip address to do the connection. I tried using ip address in netgear router as well as airport, nothing seems to work.

Please give me advise on how to set this up. Thanks

P.S. I can't use FM server because if our wifi will ever not working, we won't be able to ring up anybody. So we like to use the FM in our cash register computer. If wifi is out, we can wait to connect to that computer from home computer, But we don't want not to be able to ring up sale while wifi is out.