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    Notes box on work record



      Notes box on work record


      FileMaker Pro


      FP 7

      Description of the issue

      The previous version of filemaker allowed the user to conceal the type from the top line of the work record by pressing the return button.
      This mean that when you navigated back to the client's main contact card; the work list that would appear on the bottom left hand side would only display the overall dates and the title of the project that they were engaging with.
      The new version does not allow you to do this, therefore the top work record list is completely busy with far too much wording and information which can distract the eye all to easily.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      We wish for filemaker to enable the function of pressing return in the notes box, creating a blank line and therefore leaving the essential info on the top line.

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          Is this really a report on the very old FileMaker 7 version or is that simply a reference to the .fp7 file extension? You can see the version of FileMaker that is installed on your machine if you access the help menu and select the "about" option.

          Can you describe this issue in more detail?

          What file are your using? Is this a starter solution file?

          How is the layout designed? What options have been specified for this field in Field behavior?

          Pressing Return (The "enter" key that is not part of the number pad on windows keyboards) in a text field, normally starts a new line of text in the same field unless field behavior has been set to respond to this key to exit the field.

          A few users with laptops discovered that their keyboards were entering the Numeric Keypad's Enter code instead of the code for the Return key so that is another way you can encounter a change in behavior with this key.