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Number of layouts bug

Question asked by LaRetta_1 on Oct 13, 2010
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Number of layouts bug


FileMaker Pro


vs. 11.0v2

Operating system version

Windows XP

Description of the issue

Our company just spent two hours thinking our file was trashed because we couldn't go to a layout when selected.  I vaguely remembered something about the number of layouts.  The current file we are migrating has 304 layouts.

Sure enough, when we delete some layouts, it works again.  It may be listed as Risk Level 'Low' to FMI but it certainly isn't low.  I know it still works with scripts but it is ridiculous that it breaks at all.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Anyway, it has put me in a pissy mood (again) because of the many bugs in FileMaker that they seem to ignore fixing.  And add to the list that it breaks in vs.11 as well as 10.

BTW, I searched knowledge base and couldn't find anything when searching for 'number of layouts' so that is what I titling this post, hopefully to help others who stumble upon this issue.