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Object Selection in FM11 / Mac OSX

Question asked by fxdb on Apr 16, 2010
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Object Selection in FM11 / Mac OSX

Description of the issue

On occasions, selecting objects in FM11 will show the selection area outside of the FM window, or offset.A screenshot says it better ! I have selected the field labelled JobCode in this example, you can see the selection area is outside of the FM window.It is actually displayed on top of this safari window, before I typed this message. I can still perform all actions on the fields / objects, such as right clicking etc, so there are no real issues apart from it looking somewhat strange. This does not happen all the time, however today it has happened in about 4 sessions of using FMP 11 Adv.Generally, switching to browse mode and back to layout mode solves it. I have only ever seen this on Mac OSX 10.6.3