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    Object Selection in FM11 / Mac OSX

    Steve Wright


      Object Selection in FM11 / Mac OSX

      Description of the issue

      On occasions, selecting objects in FM11 will show the selection area outside of the FM window, or offset.A screenshot says it better ! I have selected the field labelled JobCode in this example, you can see the selection area is outside of the FM window.It is actually displayed on top of this safari window, before I typed this message. I can still perform all actions on the fields / objects, such as right clicking etc, so there are no real issues apart from it looking somewhat strange. This does not happen all the time, however today it has happened in about 4 sessions of using FMP 11 Adv.Generally, switching to browse mode and back to layout mode solves it. I have only ever seen this on Mac OSX 10.6.3

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          Thank you for your post.


          I'm well aware this is one of those problems that will be difficult to narrow down and replicate consistently.  I've spent only a few minutes trying to replicate this on my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard, but I'm unable to reproduce it.


          From your screen shot, I see the field is in the Body part, and I'm assuming the Job Code is a Text field and not a Summary field.  The next time this occurs, can you try using the arrow keys to move the field a couple of pixels to the right and then back again to its original position.  I'm curious to know what occurs with the field and the four handles.  Also, did you move the FileMaker window after this occurred?  The offset vertically AND horizontally makes this even stranger.


          I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but this is obviously a screen display issue caused by FileMaker, and I'll need your help to gather more information so I can make sure this gets reported properly.



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            Steve Wright

            Hi TSGal..


            Its no big deal to be honest, but thought I would let you know about it.

            If I can gather more information, I will let you know.  Its not happened again today as yet.


            P.S Yes the field is a text field.  I clicked another field when I observed that and it had pretty much identical offset's

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              Thanks for the clarification on the Text field within the Body part.  You can't get more basic!


              Again, when this happens again, use the arrow keys to move the field/object.  I would be curious to know what happens to the offset handles and the field/object.  Thanks.



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                Steve Wright

                I had this happen again today.  I managed to download a trial of screenflow and capture it, which I will send to you for review.


                The following have no effect (i.e do not correct it)



                • Resizing the object (however not with the resize handles, you have to guess where they are around the object)
                • Moving the object, also shows the drag image offset
                • Using the cursor keys again, moves the object and the handles (keeping them at the same offset)
                • Using inspector to resize the object 
                • Switching between different objects on the layout.
                • Switching between filemaker and other open applications



                The only way to rectify it is to either change in to browse mode, then layout mode again, or resize the window.

                After which, everything jumps back in to place and its almost impossible to reproduce again..


                The one thing which may be important however, is on this occassion, filemaker was a background / in-active window for some time.  It is only when I made it the active window again I noticed this... so I captured it quick ;-)


                However, switching between application windows had no effect on it either.


                Still.. its nothing major, it doesn't happen often and when it does its easily fixed.


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                  Alternativer Work-Around: Statussymbolleiste wieder aus- und einschalten (2x Alt+Cmd+S drücken).

                  This was found on the German FileMaker Magazin,* posted from one of the Kegebein brothers.


                  Press twice Alt+Cmd+S. Does it help?

                  Is it a workaround, a feature, or an easter egg?




                  * Highly recommanded for all, who can read German, and for the others, how may use an online translator :-)


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                    FileMaker Pro 11 is a full cocoa application, so a number of things were changed, and it appears this problem may be related.  I appreciate you taking the time to try and test this out for us.


                    I received the details in your private message, and I have sent that along to Development and Testing for review.



                    FileMaker, Inc.