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Objects in Container fields disappearing

Question asked by comajama on May 21, 2009
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Objects in Container fields disappearing

Description of the issue

Here's my issue. I have a container field set in the same table as the personnel that I am tracking. My users use it to store an authorization letter. Every 2 or 3 months, the data in container fields will just disappear. It's not happening with all of the records, but the number is still significant. I have checked and made sure that they are storing the file inside of FileMaker and not just creating a reference since the first time this happened. Well it happened again and once again they are having to spend a day or two going through and reinserting the letters. The letters are usually PDF's and they use "Insert Object" > "Create from File" then they insert their file. The reason for this is that they enjoy the ability to see the thumbnail image, double-click it and have it open automatically. Before, they were using "Insert File" which created a PDF icon in the middle of the container field and they had to export it to the desktop, then open it to view. Both ways have returned the same issue given time. My question is more to the developers of the FileMaker Software. Is there a property of the container field in Filemaker 9 and 10 that would cause loss of data to happen? Some kind of a timed function possibly? Is there something I am missing here that maybe you could direct me toward?