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    ODBC - SQL Requirements badly out of date



      ODBC - SQL Requirements badly out of date

      Description of the issue

      Filemaker Pro Advanced V10, Filemaker Server V10 (served on Windows Server 2003)Both Mac OSX and WindowsXP clients None of the Windows SQL drivers that you require are available, all have been replaced. My current drivers are getting write errors when I try to write to a SQL table from Windows workstations. My writes are successful from the Macs using the Actual Technologies drivers. When are you going to update to support currently available Windows SQL Drivers?  Your Knowledgbase article #6510, last updated, 11/9/09, advises the the following are the only supported drivers for SQL ServerWindows Server 2003 - Microsoft SQL Native Client 2005.90.3042.00Windows XP - Microsoft SQL Server version 2000.85.1117.00 Windows XP - Microsoft SQL Native Client 2005.90.3042.00 

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          Thank you for your post.


          The drivers listed are what was tested with FileMaker Pro 10.  We are simply sending SQL commands to the driver.  If you are getting write errors from SQL Server, then try to locate one of the supported drivers.  Please let us know the client version that is not working, and I'll send that information to our Development and Software Quality Assuracne (Testing) departments for review.


          Is anyone running successfully with a more recent version of the SQL Server drivers?



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            My current drivers, as installed via Microsoft Windows installers:


            ODBC SQL DRIVERS: 

            Server - Windows 2003 - Running Filemaker Server

             SQL Server 2000.86.3959.00

             SQL Native Client 2005.90.1339.00 


            Workstation - WindowsXP SP3 - Running Filemaker Pro Advanced V10.3

             SQL Native Client 2005.90.4035.00

             SQL Server 2000.85.1132.00


            I can read and write to my SQL 2000 tables with no problem, no matter which of the above I use. I can read from my SQL 2005 tables OK, but any attempt to write, e.g., add or delete text, results in the error (depending on which driver I try):

             ODBC Error: [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]Invalid precision value

             ODBC Error: [Microsoft][OCBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid precision value 


            I tried to locate your listed drivers on the Microsoft download site. I was able to find only one, and the installer for that one refused to install on my WindowsXP station as not compatible.