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ODBC Access hangs

Question asked by alan_barker on Apr 20, 2011
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ODBC Access hangs


FileMaker Server



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Description of the issue

External Data sources problems

    I think i have identified a flaw with FMPSA11, and a work-around. I have a number of fairly complex solutions that employ External Data Sources - typically I define them in a search path priority (file:filename fmnet:/ServerNode/filename). This works perfectly when connecting with FileMaker application. However, if you try do setup a ODBC DSN to connect to this same datasource - it fails. More-over, it completely locks up the Database server, so you have to stop Database services, and then restart. This is a Huge problem

    My setup is FMPSA11 on a Dell PowerEdge server running Win2k3 SP2 with 4 gigs of Ram.

    The solution, seems to be to NOT use the node name in DataSource definition - if you specify the IP number instead, it works. Not optimum, but better than a complete system lockup.

    I'd like to think FileMaker would correct this in Version 12. Do not know whether the problem is present on the Mac platform.

Steps to reproduce the problem

define a External Data Source that includes a fmnet:/NodeName/FileName type reference

Define a FileMaker ODBC DSN that points to this database

Expected result

Connect to the new FileMaker DSN using any ODBC tool (like WinSQL, Excel, Access, etc)

You should now be able to do SQL functions like Select * from TableName

Actual result

No actual connection is made, and the FileMaker server is left 'hung', such that no other ODBC connection can be made, the Database Server, needs to be stopped, and then re-started to free the hung connection.


specify the ServerNode name by IP number, instead of the ServerNode name