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ODBC and VISTA GPO Conflict

Question asked by oakhamschool on Jan 5, 2009


ODBC and VISTA GPO Conflict

Description of the issue

Hi, We're a a large organisation and would like to deploy the ODBC client driver on our machines. As we have quite a large userbase, our administrators deploy our software over the network. FileMaker 9s been depoyed fine, however we are having issues with the ODBC driver and believe it is conflicting with the GPO part of Vista. I've spoken to DataDirect who say that its is a FileMaker bug, as THEIR version of SequelLink 5.5 will install fine. Subsequently they were trying to sell me version 6 which aparently you do not have to install on EACH client machine, as it is a one off server based installation. Any chance FM will be investigating this as its a real chore installing on each indvidual machine and as ODBC is still widely used for data exchange especially with MS products I think its a necessary component for FM's fight to make their product interact with other products. I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks Jalz